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Portable instrument options from Aquaread

Aquaread offer a full range of portable water testing equipment for a variety of different water monitoring applications.

For example, the AP-2000 multiparameter probe is one of our popular portable water meters. It packs many parameters into a small diameter (under 2″) and can be stored in one of our rugged carry cases, along with the GPS Aquameter, calibration solutions and a flowcell.

AP-2000 Packed with standard parameters such as dissolved oxygen and pH

It comes as standard with Optical DO, EC, TDS, Salinity, SSG, Resistivity, pH, ORP and temperature.

There is also the option to customise the probe with a depth sensor, along with one ISE electrode and one extra optical electrode.

The probe is used with the GPS Aquameter. This curved, handheld unit is very easy to use with simple options and no complicated menus, and displays the measured parameters in real time.

AP-5000 allows you to record more

Packed with the standard parameters mentioned above, as well as depth and four auxiliary sockets for user configuration, the AP-5000 allows you to maximise the data recorded in the field. Auxiliary sockets can house any combination of our ISE or optical sensors.

Handheld Aquameter

Both probes are used with the GPS Aquameter. This curved handheld unit displays the measured parameters in real time, and is very easy to use with simple options and no complicated menus.

Record the location of your readings with the GPS Aquameter

You can record all of the measured parameters in one simple button press. Included in this data set is the calibration data for each parameter, as well as the GPS coordinates where the data set was captured.

This novel feature allows you to visualise your data in Google Earth, and makes monitoring at numerous sites easy to organise!

Need Single Parameter Testing?

The AP-LITE Aquaprobe can house any of our optical sensors. View our full range of parameters here. The AP-LITE Aquaprobe can become a rugged portable turbidity meter, a chlorophyll tester or a portable dissolved oxygen meter – it’s your choice.

Just interested in Optical DO and EC?

The AquaPlus system is the slimmest probe in our portable water testing equipment range, and features our combined optical DO/EC/ temp electrode. With other parameters such as salinity, TDS, SSG and resistivity being calculated in addition, this small probe provides a wealth of data, at a great price.

Available for use with the AquaPlus probe is the GPS DO-200 meter, with the full GPS functionality of the Aquameter along with a range of accessories. These include rugged carry cases, flow cells and our Zero Oxygen calibration solution.

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