AP-5000 – Advanced portable multi-parameter Aquaprobe

The AP-5000 is the larger of our advanced portable multiparameter water monitoring probes. It comes with a range of standard sensors included, and much like its smaller counterpart it offers more customisation options that allow you to add extra sensors to the probe. All of our?probes are constructed from tough marine grade aluminium that has been hard anodised, making it suitable for use?in?both?fresh and?salt waters.

The AP-5000 Gallery

A quick introduction to the AP-5000

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Standard parameters?on the AP-5000

  • Optical DO
  • Specific EC
  • Absolute EC
  • pH
  • ORP
  • TDS
  • Resistivity
  • Salinity
  • SSG
  • Temperature
  • Depth


The AP-5000 features 4 Auxiliary sockets to allow you to add further sensors to the probe. Unlike the AP-2000, these auxiliary ports are unrestricted. This means that each port can take either an Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) or an optical sensor. This makes the number of potential sensor combinations vast.

The probe?can be used with a variety of cable lengths via the AquaConn Connectors. Cables available in 3, 10, 20 and 30m lengths as standard.

Customisation Options

Customising the AP-5000 is simple, there are 4 ports and you can add any combination of our ISE and optical sensors into these ports.

Probes are supplied with blanking plugs in the auxiliary?ports as standard. Simply unscrew these to add your extra electrodes.

If you have any questions regarding these options please Contact Us with your query .

Using the AP-5000 as a water level logger

The AP-5000 features a depth sensor. This sensor is capable of measurement accuracy of 0.5%FS. This is very comparable to a dedicated water level logger such as the LeveLine-ECO: 0.2%FS, and the LeveLine (titanium): 0.1%FS.

The depth is zeroed automatically whilst the conductivity is reading zero. As soon as the conductivity registers over 0 the probe depth begins to be calculated. Once the probe is lowered to the desired depth it must be secured, then using the GPS Aquameter the depth can be zeroed once again. Now the AP-5000 will detect small changes in the water level and display them as a positive or negative change.

AP-5000 Mechanical Specification

AP-5000-Spec bigger

Some of the AP-5000’s features

Advanced Optical DO sensor

The optical sensor works on the principle of Dynamic Luminescence Quenching. A gas-permeable material known as a luminophore is excited with short bursts of blue light, which causes molecules in the luminophore to emit red photons. By measuring the delay of the returned red photons with respect to the blue excitation, the level of dissolved oxygen present can be determined.
The optical method has various advantages over the historical galvanic method for measuring dissolved oxygen.

optical DO sensor

The bright red and blue LED’s of the optical DO sensor

The most important being that as no oxygen is consumed across a membrane, the sensor does not require a flow of liquid passing over it to achieve a stable reading. Other advantages include in frequent calibrations (every 3-6 months), and replaceable caps that last over 2 years.

Load more than one optical sensor

The AP-5000 has four?auxiliary sockets. These sockets allow you to add any combination of extra sensors to the AP-5000 depending on your requirements.The main advantage the AP-5000 has over the AP-2000 is that you can install 2 optical sensors such as turbidity and chlorophyll for example. We have a wide range of sensors available including ammonium, nitrate, blue-green algae and refined oil to name a few.

The AP-5000 showing 2 open sensor ports and 2 blanking plugs installed

Rugged Connection

All Aquaprobes feature the new AquaConn fully metal connectors. The AP-5000 features the all-metal AquaConn connectors. These high specification connectors feature large metallic key for a rigid fit, recessed pins for extra protection during pairing, guide markers on each part of the connector to allow you to instantly push the pair together in the correct alignment.

Rugged AquaConn connector system

Rugged AquaConn connector system

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