GPS Aquameter – Handheld device with built in GPS data tagging

The GPS Aquameter is the original handheld water quality meter with built in GPS. The built in GPS receiver allows the meter to record the location of every dataset, meaning you will always know where your data was captured. The meter is designed to be picked up and used by anyone intuitively. It requires no boot up or warm up time and allows you to record data with a single button press.

The GPS Aquameter

GPS Aquameter Provides Pin Points in Google Earth and is extremely easy to use

GPS Aquameter Provides Pin Points in Google Earth and is extremely easy to use

A quick introduction to the GPS Aquameter

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GPS Aquameter features

  • Built in GPS receiver to enable location tagging with every data set, view data in Google Earth
  • Display of all the parameters being measured; scroll left and right to view
  • Record your data set at the touch of a single button, press M+ to record full data set including all parameters, GPS data and calibration data
  • New low power auto data logging mode allows automatic data capture for up to 38 days
  • Built in air pressure sensor for atmospheric compensation
  • Ergonomic curved design sits nice in the hand, with rubber gasket for added grip in wet conditions
  • Rugged, metal AquaConn connectors provide extreme durability where its needed most
  • AquaLink PC application and USB cable provided with every GPS Aquameter for data management

View your water quality data in real time with the GPS Aquameter

Even if you will be using your Aquaprobe with an AquaLogger or other device, you will still need a GPS Aquameter. The meter gives you real time readings via the display, which are useful when deploying your logging system as it allows you to check the parameters are all reading ok.

GPS meter or Aquaprobe PC-KIT required for probe calibration

More importantly you will need an?Aquameter or the Aquprobe PC-KIT to perform calibrations on all of the probe’s sensors. If you are purchasing multiple probes for unmanned logging, then you will?only need to purchase either 1 meter or 1 PC-KIT.

GPS Aquameter?Full Specification

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 11.10.47

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