LoggerLink – PC software for AquaLogger setup and data retrieval

The LoggerLink?windows PC software comes free with every AquaLogger, it allows you to set up logger behaviour and manage captured?data in?numerous ways.

Download LoggerLink?here

LoggerLink PC Application

This simple application allows you to download captured data from your AquaLogger. Data can be viewed on screen, exported as an Excel file for graph generation, exported as a text report summarising the data or saved to your hard drive for use later on. You will also find the button for logger set up.

AquaLogger PC Application


AquaLogger SetUp Button

Pressing the logger setup button opens a second window. Inside this window are various set up options. On the left of the window are the logger’s current settings, on the right is where you can enter your desired settings. Setting options include logging frequency, event trigger setting, the type of EC correction required and also date and time settings.

LoggerLink AquaLogger Setup Window


AquaLogger Text Report

The text report features a summary of all recorded data before listing every data set captured. It is ideal for reporting data that is required for filing.

LoggerLink Text Report

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